Going Green with Hip House Plants

House plants are back in vogue.


A fashionable interior design feature in the 60s and the 70s, they fell out of favour in the minimalist era of the 90s but bringing the outdoors indoors is all the rage again.


Plants are great for producing oxygen and contributing to a zen feeling but they also have health benefits. By increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust they can help fight colds and by removing pollutants they can help reduce headaches – what other interior design feature does that? Adding plants in your home can create a sense of well-being, making you feel calmer and more optimistic – a bonus for us all.



House plants can be enjoyed all year round and the least green fingered among us can grow an indoor plant and take satisfaction out of nurturing a living thing.


Potted plants can freshen the look of any room. Green is a neutral colour and will go with any décor – when a flower blossoms, no one ever says that it doesn’t go with green. There are a huge variety of plant pots and plant types, from edible plants located in the kitchen, humidity loving plants in the bathroom, to terrariums and even pen holder planters being used as decorative elements in the home and office.



However, if like me, you like the idea of it but you have killed every plant you have ever bought, consider buying one of these hardy plants – they can survive up to a month without being watered – essentially indestructible (so I have been told)!



Mother-in-law’s Tongue 

Keep these in darker spots in your house and they don’t have to be watered often as they can be allowed to dry out. They remain very compact and make perfect plants for hallways.



These are the ideal plant for the busiest of us as they require minimal care. They love sunlight but don’t need too much water – they can live up to four months without being watered.





Sansevieria Bacularis ‘Mikado’

Easy to grow and maintain with a modern appearance.


Haworthia Limifolia ‘Spider White’

These plants have distinctive ridges running across the leaves hence the rather lovely name ‘fairies washboard’.





Dracaena Marginata ‘Dragon Plant’

One of the easiest to grow and maintain. They grow slowly and are extremely tough plants, with minimal attention required to survive.





Ananas Comosus ‘Champaca’

Growing a pineapple in your home is easier than you think and sure to grab attention – unfortunately it is not edible and grown purely for decoration.







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