PaQ’s Picture Perfect Post

PaQ’s Picture Perfect Post

(an architect who loves the interior as much as the exterior)


Austere white walls, chic curators, silent spaces and . . . intimidation – choosing to visit a gallery to find that perfect print to fill that empty wall in your living room can be a daunting experience.


Do you need to know exactly what you are looking for? Do you need to spend lots of money? Do you need to buy an original?


“Wow”, a client said as they entered my dining room, “I don’t know what to look at first – you have a lot of pictures on your walls.”


I looked again at my gallery wall of prints, plates and original artworks – have I over done it? Was it too much? We have always liked unique artwork and when we stayed in London we bought a fair amount. Like many Londoners we had a small flat (I mean a room) and we had nowhere to put them but now we have a house and lots of wall space to fill – but have I bought too much?



On a site visit I was shown around her house and then I understood – her walls were all one colour and . . . empty – the spaces lacked character, identity and personality.


She wanted to do something different – use colour on her interiors and buy artwork but she didn’t have the vision or correct advice. Like many people she ended up with magnolia, empty lifeless walls with one of those typical box-store overpriced prints – I have seen the same ones over and over.


There is a black hole between those typical canvas prints you see in the high street shops and the multimillionaire’s originals of well-known artists. But art work can be affordable, and it can have a huge impact on your interiors.


As an architect I love nothing more than to be surrounded by art in my office – I can look at something pleasing as oppose to my computer screen. Every time I look at an image I see something different – a different message, a different colour or object.


Well-placed artwork has the power to completely transform a space, but the selection process can be complicated and sometimes intimidating. To clarify the process, we have put together some PaQ pointers on choosing that perfect piece of art. PaQ Products, the other half of PaQ Design sources a range of framed prints from classic masterpieces to contemporary artists in various sizes making sure we have a print for everyone and every room (



  1. Contemporary vs traditional

Like furniture, having a mix of styles, if done right, can shake things up and add interest.

These old photographs from the prestigious archive of British VOGUE look fantastic framed in simple modern black frames with a white mount – guaranteed to add style and elegance to a room.




  1. Don’t think that the artwork must necessarily match your room

Contrast can make sure the artwork doesn’t get lost in the room and is a focal point.




  1. Do frame

Glass frames are better – framing an image will elevate the art.




  1. Use the correct tools and hang correctly

There is nothing worse than an off centre or squint frame. Use a level, measure it, find the centre point and hang it correctly.




  1. Tell your story

Get architect drawings of a building you visited on holiday, a quote you like and means something to you, an artist who captures a colour or object that tells a story – your story.

We love these old photographs framed in antique looking frames.




  1. Act fast or miss out

There is one piece of art I completely regret not buying at the time. I know this, as I still think about it. If you see something that you relate to and you like it – get it.


Our collection ranges from timeless photographs to contemporary artwork in various sizes making sure we have a print for everyone and every room. I’m Not Late (I’m way ahead of my time) by Simon C Page is a minimalist print but fun, bright and eye catching. If you like sports, the Ali print by Sunil Pawar is a must – she exhibits her work worldwide and has a famous fan base including Kanye West.




  1. Don’t be afraid to buy ‘prints’ of well-known artwork

It’s cheaper than the originals and can still add to your space – take a look at where you will find framed prints of well known artists.




  1. Shop local

I bought lots of artwork in London and on returning to Scotland I was on the lookout for more. I realised there were so many local and very talented artist – I have now added to my collection with local artist originals – you never know how much they could be worth in years to come – just google Ben Eine’s art that was eventually displayed on a wall in the White House.




We recently bought ‘Square Gogh’ by the talented Scottish artist Ross Muir – it sure gets a lot of attention on our wall.




  1. Consider purchasing a Takker

They are brilliant – a picture hangers dream. One push into the wall and a small white pin is hardy enough to hold a solid gold frame (if your lucky enough to have one) they leave minimum marks on your wall and you can re-use them if you decide to. But please don’t use screws (I have seen this far too many times and . . .no just no) but if you must, use a raw plug or next time someone slams a door the screw will pull out and the picture will fall, you will have a hole in your lovely magnolia wall – could be a point of interest though.


Purchase a Takker kit at




  1. Finally, buy something you love

If you see something you like and its affordable – buy it. Don’t be afraid to fill your tired walls. If it’s the right one, it should inspire you every single day.


These framed tweets are a great, fun piece of art that will be sure to make heads turn. If you have that one tweet you do not want to lose – a celebrity reply, a family or friends most treasured or embarrassing tweet – frame it – they make great gifts too!




If you are thinking about buying some art to add to your space, check out our interior products company for a range of prints and frames (all glass)


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