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Planning Made Easy

Planning the use of space is more than just re-organising furniture. From making the most of the space in your office to creating a family hub in your home PaQ can advise, plan and make it happen for you. It can be creating a natural walkway that allows for people to move around freely from their desk. It can be grouping staff together to improve communication. Giving people a space away from the desk to concentrate, or just relax.


These are the things that make coming to work natural, easy and gratifying rather than gruelling. At home form follows function – the shape of your home should reflect what is going on inside it. Consider the light, textures, use of colour, freedom of movement. PaQ will take your family, your need, your “can’t live without it” bits of furniture and your plans to re-shape your living space so that you can flourish freely without obstruction or boundary.

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